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iConduct is part of the Unitask Group, which is a subsidiary of the EMET Computing Group.

iConduct is a cloud-based iPaaS platform that was established in Israel in 2007. The platform enables businesses to connect their various applications and automate data exchange, reducing manual effort and improving data accuracy and consistency. iConduct’s iPaaS solutions can help businesses streamline their operations and increase efficiency by integrating their systems and data.

With iConduct, you can eliminate the hassle of manual data entry and reduce errors, saving you time and money. Our platform enables you to access, integrate and manage all your data from multiple sources in one central location, giving you complete visibility into your business processes.

We are highly concerned about security. Hence, every person involved in the platform development is aware of all security policies and procedures. You can rest assured that none of your data can leave the system to be used by someone except you. The system itself, in turn, offers strong resilience and stability, allowing you to work seamlessly at all times without any interruptions.

iConduct is a certified and highly regarded product by professionals. We have earned SOC1 and ISO 27001, which only signify and cement the status of iConduct as a modern, highly developed, and robust integration platform.

iConduct offers a one-stop solution for all your integration needs. Discover how our platform can streamline your processes and boost your bottom line.

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