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Business Plus




  Free demo Free demo Free demo
IConduct Cloud Platform
Connected Systems 2 4 Unlimited
Free Connected Systems 20* 20* 20*
IConduct Sandbox
Total Number Of Interfaces 20 50 Unlimited
Production Active Interfaces 10 25 Unlimited
Unlimited Processes
IConduct Cloud Agent
Hybrid Secured Agents 1 Unlimited
Parallel Interfaces Run-Time 2 4 Unlimited
Flexible API (Expose API In A Click)
Schedule Interfaces
IConduct Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Templates & Wizards
Group Interfaces Execution
Multiple Systems In Interface
Manipulation Functionality
Advanced Logging
Configurable Alerts & Notifications
Support SAML
Customer Success
Architect Solution Support
DevOps Support
Support Basic Platinum Hyper Care
Add-on plans

Additional Connector

$400 /Month

Additional Secured Cloud Agent

$400 /Month

Five Additional Processes

$600 /Month

Ten Additional Processes

$800 /Month

Two Additional Parallel Executions

$300 /Month

Test Environment

$300 /Month

Zabbix Monitor


On-Premises / Private Cloud


HyperCare Support

$600 /Month

Call Center 24/7

$100 /Month

Connectors Development On Demand


DevOps Services On Site (100 Hours)


Solution Architect (40 Hours)


On-Premises Upgrade Package



$70 To $150 / Hour

Health Check


IConduct Training - For 1 Participant


IConduct Training -Customer Dedicated Course


Unlimited Parallel Executions

$4,000 / month


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B2B integration options

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