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iConduct is a platform that allows businesses to automate their workflows and integrate their applications with ease. With iConduct, you can implement even some of the most complex business processes to run smoothly and just as efficiently. Don’t spend time coding or even setting up every individual process. iConduct can do that for you on a global scale…


Make the magic happen to your processes with iConduct

Case to Bug

iConduct can help you easily connect a bug tracking system (such as Jira or Bugzilla) with a customer support system (such as Zendesk or Zoho) to facilitate seamless communication between teams responsible for resolving software issues. When your support agent identifies a problem that requires a bug fix, they can create a bug directly from the support ticket, which can then be assigned to a developer for resolution. As the developer works on the bug fix, updates can be automatically communicated back to the support team to keep the customer informed of progress.

Account and contacts

Sync the data between a CRM (such as Salesforce or HubSpot) and other business systems (such as an email marketing platform or an accounting software). This integration ensures that customer information is consistent across systems, enabling your sales and marketing teams to better understand their customers and provide more personalized service.

Product lifecycle

Connect different systems used in the software development process, such as project management tools like Jira and software development tools like Git and Visual Studio. By integrating these systems, businesses can streamline the product development process and ensure that all teams are working towards a common goal.


Integrate a pricing engine with other systems such as an e-commerce platform or a sales quoting tool. This integration enables businesses to set dynamic prices based on factors such as customer behavior, competitor pricing, and inventory levels, while also ensuring that pricing information is consistent across all channels.

Currency exchange

With the help of iConduct, you can integrate a currency exchange service with other systems such as an e-commerce platform or an accounting software. This integration enables businesses to automatically convert prices, payments, and invoices into the currency of their customers, reducing manual processes and minimizing errors.

E-commerce cash flow

Connect e-commerce platforms (such as Shopify or Magento) with accounting software (such as QuickBooks or Xero) to provide real-time visibility into cash flow and financial performance. This integration enables businesses to quickly reconcile payments, track expenses, and manage cash flow more efficiently.


Create connections between shipping carrier's systems (such as FedEx or UPS) with an e-commerce platforms or order management systems to automate the process of generating shipping labels, tracking shipments, and managing returns. This integration enables businesses to streamline the shipping process and provide customers with real-time visibility into the status of their shipments.

Quote to order

Connect a quoting tool (such as Salesforce or Oracle) with an order management system (such as SAP or NetSuite) to streamline the process of converting a quote into a customer order. When your sales rep generates a quote, the integration can automatically create an order with the same information, reducing manual data entry and minimizing errors.

Supply chain management

 iConduct platform can help you connect different systems involved in the supply chain management process (such as design, engineering, manufacturing, quality control, and delivery systems) to streamline the flow of information and enable real-time visibility into the status of products throughout their supply chain.

Sandbox, Test, and Dev

Sync separate environments for testing and development purposes that mirror the production environment with minimal time-to-market. This integration enables developers to test new features, integrations, and configurations with quality delivery based on a production-like data and configuration, reducing the risk of errors and downtime.

Content Management

iConduct can help you integrate a content management system (such as WordPress or SharePoint) with other systems such as a marketing automation platform or an e-commerce platform. This integration enables businesses to manage and distribute content across multiple channels, while also ensuring that content is consistent and up-to-date.

HR hire-to-retire

Streamline the onboarding process for new employees by integrating HR systems such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, and Oracle HCM with other systems like email, document management systems, active directory, LMS, and payroll. This can automate the process of creating employee accounts, assigning tasks to relevant departments, collecting necessary documentation, and providing new employees with the necessary accesses, resources, and training. This also applies to offboarding and other employee lifecycle events.

Marketing campaign process

iConduct can automate the marketing campaign process by integrating with various systems, such as marketing automation and CRM. This includes creating campaigns, managing contact lists, sending email campaigns, tracking campaign metrics, and updating lead statuses.

Complex processes simplified… and globalized

iConduct’s main added value in a thoroughly developed connection system that allows users to set up only a few tasks and use them as global templates for all processes needed. It saves a lot of time and effort, allowing you to get ahead of your competitors in no time.


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