Why Iconduct

Any two business applications can communicate seamlessly, and the two can be easily linked to other apps when you know how and where to tie them together

User friendliness
Interface implementation is done solely at the configuration level using drag & drop friendly web UI.  Zero coding is required on the connected endpoints data systems for interfaces implementation.
Seamless integration

iConduct has a strong capability to integrate between cloud and on-premises systems while all aspects of the hybrid interfacing issues are managed automatically behind the scenes by the system.

Centralize integration

Full monitoring and control of all the organization integration processes is in one place.

Diversity of operation

Make use of iConduct plugins module to extend the platform capabilities according to your unique organization needs. This option is highly suitable for specific enterprise requirements as well as extremely complex logic.

Customer influence

You need a specific connector for your business? Don’t see an appropriate one in our system? That’s no problem for iConduct. Just make a request, and our team of highly-skilled and versatile specialists will create a new connector to meet your needs in a matter of weeks.

Robust security

Rest assured knowing that sensitive data cannot be subject to any related threats or misuse as no data generated or entered in the iConduct systems is stored there.

Ask us anything anytime

As a customer-oriented company, we provide strong 24/7 customer support to all users in all possible formats. Call us, chat online, or simply leave a ticket with your concerns, and our support team will react immediately to meet all your needs as soon as possible.

Experience on the market

Being on the market from more an a decade, iConduct has developed a steady and devoted support to all of its customers. A full-stack support is available in multiple languages 24/7 with the specialists ready to answer all questions at all times.

Legacy and in-house proprietary systems support

Aside from many integration and automation options, iConduct can also work with legacy and in-house proprietary systems, ensuring custom integrations work steadily and reliably.

Offering only the best

With its generous pricing plans, iConduct remains the ONLY system on the market to offer ALL possible connectors and features included in ALL pricing plans. Feel all integration and automation powers of iConduct at the best price.

iConduct manages all aspects of the integration and automation processes in one place. It monitors the changes on each connected data system and sets the interfacing processes in motion according to any given trigger. This can be done either nearly in real time via a batch or online in real time according to the organization business needs.

Ready to get started?

By investing in a solid and robust integration system, you make an additional step into the future ahead of your competitors